Criminal Defense Lawyers In Tulsa Oklahoma Will Protect Your Right

When you’ve been arrested for a crime, the most important thing you can do is hire a criminal attorney to protect your rights. Shortly after you’re arrested, there will be a formal arraignment, and an attorney should be present to plead guilty or not guilty for you. If the charge is very serious, the bond could be very high and an attorney will attempt to negotiate the amount to a lower amount. This hearing is also a good opportunity for an attorney to cast you in the best light to the prosecution and judge or find out more information about the evidence they have against you.

Does An Individual Need An Attorney For A Misdemeanor Or Felony?

It doesn’t matter whether an individual is charged with a misdemeanor or felony because both involve a permanent criminal record, fines, penalties, and jail time if they’re convicted of a crime. A felony charge may have harsher penalties for a first offense, but certain misdemeanors will have penalties similar to a felony.

What Should Someone Do If They’re Approached By The Police?

If an individual is approached by the police, they shouldn’t be combative in their tone or manner. They don’t need to give detailed answers to the police that could implicate them in a crime. An individual should immediately ask to speak to an attorney if they’ve been read their rights and not share any more information with the police.

Speaking About The Crime

Whether an individual is in jail or visiting with friends, they should never talk about the crime or the circumstances surrounding it. Telephone calls from the jail are recorded and can be used against them. Cellmates or acquaintances can easily contact the police and inform them what the accused told them.


In some cases, an individual can file for their criminal record to be erased. This takes the skill and experience of criminal defense lawyers in Tulsa Oklahoma. There are a variety of procedures that must be followed and not all criminal records can be removed.

If you have been arrested, don’t rely on a public defender to protect your rights. Contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately.