Lab Cleanliness: The Ultimate Guide

Lab cleanliness is vital for the health of scientists. The surfaces, tools, and equipment are all subject to cross-contamination. The risks are severe enough that scientists must take precautions to prevent this. Read on to learn how to avoid cross-contamination in the laboratory and what to do if it happens, anyway.

How Do I Clean Glassware In A Laboratory?

You can use household disinfectants for lab glassware. You will want to make sure that they are carefully used to avoid scratching or even outright damaging glassware and that you keep an extra set of replacement containers. The 2mag USA recommends the use of alcohol-based products. These are most effective for cleaning fresh samples. They are less effective for dirty glassware. Antibacterial cleaners are not recommended for lab glassware because they do not work well. Besides, chemicals should be avoided when handling clean equipment, since they can contaminate the environment.

What To Clean And Disinfect And When To Do It

When possible, experts recommend scientists avoid cleaning and disinfecting surfaces if they can. This means keeping sharp implements, tips, and all the plastic ware you use at a safe distance from your skin. When surfaces become dirty, chemicals may be on them. If any substances on them can be contaminated with viruses, bacteria, and parasites, such as on your hands or paper, you should not touch them. If you must clean a laboratory surface, it is important to wash thoroughly with warm, soapy water. Use a disinfectant to make sure that any surfaces that you touch are clean.

How Do I Clean Laboratory Equipment?

There are a few techniques that you can use to clean your laboratory. There are a few techniques that you can use to clean your equipment. You should follow these basic steps when washing or cleaning laboratory equipment:

Remove any tapes or labels that may have been stuck to the surface. Take off any protective covers or clothing and place the items in a tissue or zip-lock bag for safekeeping. Use a degreasing agent on your equipment to remove any remaining surface materials. Rinse all surface materials, which include all plastic items. Use rubbing alcohol or a strong solution of 5% chlorine bleach for cleaning surfaces. Never use acid or any harsh chemicals for cleaning. Never shake chemicals on clean surfaces.…

3 Ways To Make Your Pittsburgh Office Better

Without a doubt, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a beautiful city with interesting sights, history and culture, but none of that matters if you are stuck inside an office downtown for nine hours a day. The things, very few people thought about the downside of missing out on daily life because of work… until they had the opportunity to see that it is not only doable, but most individuals are more productive when working from home. Both their careers and personal lives benefit.

Today, an increasing number of Americans are realizing how convenient it is to work from home. Why would they want to work from their old office again? For this reason, there has never been a better time to make workplaces enjoyable. If you are an office manager who is looking for ways to bring your team back to the old centralized location, consider some of these ideas.

1. Make Delicious Food Accessible

Whoever said “home is where the heart is” was clearly never hungry. In truth, it is all about the stomach and what it wants. For this reason, one of the top ways to improve your office is by investing in some Pittsburgh commissary services that can bring some easily accessible break-time deliciousness to your employees.

2. Encourage Breaks and Walking

Speaking of breaks, another great way to make the office environment a better place is by promoting frequent breaks, teamwork and interaction. Additionally, the encouragement of physical activity can also lead to positive results. One way to work off this is by starting walking steps contests and encouraging employees to get steps in during their breaks.

3. Organize Team-Building Activities and Events

Another effective way to make your Pittsburgh office more enjoyable is by organizing various team-building activities and events throughout the year. From games, contests, parties or group outings, there are numerous ways that you can bring everyone together.

Improving your office environment requires some work, but it is far from impossible. Use these ideas to start.…

How to find phone deals in Germany as an exchange student?

If you are an exchange student, then you would know how hard it can be to manage all your expenses. You do not only have to take care of your rent, but there are food, bills, and entertainment aspects too. Some universities do offer scholarships, but most of them don’t. But here the thing is, what if you have to buy a phone if you are living in Germany as an exchange student? Would you be able to get good deals to save some money rather than spending all your savings? Well, there surely are some ways that can help you out. Let’s check what those ways are!

Best ways to find cheap phone deals in Germany as an exchange student!

Let’s proceed with the list and see what you can do to find cheap and affordable phone deals in Germany!

1-    Check out with Mobile Carriers

Mobile carriers often provide many deals to their consumers in order to promote their services for the mobiles. There are few mobile carriers like FYVE in Germany that might be able to offer you some great phone deals along with wireless packages for data and calling. You can explore the whole inventory that is being promoted and pick the best possible variant for your needs, and of course, you will get the benefits from the mobile carrier too.

2-    Wait for the perfect occasion!

If you are precisely willing to wait for a few days or a few months, then it is best to wait till the Cyber Monday deals or Black Friday deals arrive. These two occasions definitely offer some of the best phone deals you can get in Germany that would be affordable for the exchange students. It is also a good idea to explore different stores rather than only going with a single one. It will allow you to see how much difference in prices is there with different stores.

3-   Do not go with the latest flagships

As we are actually talking about saving money here, you will have to compromise a bit for your own benefit. It is definitely and surely not a good idea to go with the latest flagships as they will cost you a fortune. The best and the greatest thing you can do here is that you can go with the previous-gen flagship, and it will probably work out well for you. You will also be able to save a few hundred Euros if you go with the right deal.

4-   Get used or refurbished phones

If your budget is very low and you still want to get your hands on a decent device, then used or refurbished phones will do the job for you. You can even find phones at half of the original prices if you go with the used ones; it is just a matter of finding the right seller on a marketplace.


Until or unless you have very high-end requirements or demands, it is quite easy to find affordable mobile phones in Germany. So it is better to keep your premium requirements aside and consider all things to save money and still get a decent phone.…