How To Avoid Foundation Drainage Problems

If homeowners ignore a drainage problem, it won’t go away eventually. On the contrary, these problems could result in huge losses in repair costs. Foundation drainage problems are not only expensive to repair but could also cause the condition of a home to deteriorate.

Why should homeowners install drainage systems?

Installing drainage systems around their foundations helps homeowners prevent foundation drainage related problems. Poorly implemented or non-existent drainage systems, on the other hand, allow water to accumulate around the foundation. This ultimately requires that the homeowner spends lots of cash to pay contractors to correct the drainage problems.

Avoiding foundation issues

When it rains or when pipes burst, the moisture seeps underground and causes the foundation to move. The foundation eventually cracks and destroys the beam structures. People should take preventive measures to prevent the need for doing regular maintenance or repairs.

The most common reason for foundation problems is poor drainage conditions. Our team of experts has put together tips to help homeowners avoid foundation drainage problems. These tips are help eliminate all kinds of drainage trouble:

  1. Make sure that the yard slopes away from the house

The slope will go a long way in diverting water from the house and ultimately averting any kind of foundation drainage problem. This means that eventually, homeowners won’t need to worry about these problems affecting their home’s foundation.

  1. Install gutters and downspouts around the house

People who are living in areas where it rains so much during the rainy season need to install gutters. These drain water away from the foundation and prevent problems that would otherwise be very expensive to repair.

  1. Get French drains done around the foundation

French drains, surface drains, and sump pumps are all very effective in water from the premises. These are ideal for use in crawl spaces because they drain the water very fast.

How else can homeowners prevent foundation drainage problems?

The easiest way to ensure that the foundation doesn’t deteriorate due to drainage problems is to make sure that the moisture levels are maintained. If they go higher or lower than the recommended level the foundation is bound to crack.  If water drainage has the potential of causing foundation problems install a drainage system around the foundation.

To avoid any damage from affecting the foundation, keep it moist especially during the dry seasons. This will prevent it from shrinking and cracking. To ensure that water from sprinklers get to the deeper parts of the soil, install rock beds. Doing this is almost guaranteed to alleviate future foundation drainage problems.


People should drain the water away from their foundation to make sure that it lasts long. The above-listed tips are very useful in helping homeowners to avoid foundation drainage problems. Take preventive measures if the foundation has a slab pier or beam structure. Ensure that moisture doesn’t get anywhere near the foundation. Water is a huge enemy of foundations as it causes wood to rot and brings mold.