How to Easily Overcome PC does not appear in Monitor


Currently, the computer has become a daily necessity. But in the use of computers do not always run perfectly. Not infrequently we face various damage or trouble on our computer. An example is a live pc but not appearing on the monitor. To diagnose a problem like this is very easy. Please acknowledge the steps below:

 check the PC Monitor

Make sure your monitor has no damage. You can check your monitor on a normal running pc, whether your monitor is damaged or not. Also make sure the cables connected to the monitor are installed properly, such as power cords and vga cables. Also check the vga cable installed on the cpu. Also make sure this cable is installed properly.


Ram that serves as a temporary storage also affect your PC. Check your RAM whether it is still in good condition or not.
How to move RAM on another slot (if on the motherboard there is more than 1 RAM slot).

If it still does not give any effect clean the RAM from the dirt, it could be RAM does not work because of the dust attached. How to clean it using an eraser, and clean the yellow – yellow contained in RAM. If that does not work yet, install RAM on another PC, it could be the RAM slot on our motherboard problem.


VGA is an important component in the visualization process. If the VGA we use is problematic then the monitor will not display anything. To find out whether our VGA is in good condition or not is first replace the VGA cable with others can be used cable broken. Secondly if you are using an onboard VGA try plugging a VGA card to make sure whether our onboard VGA is problematic or not. Thirdly if VGA that we use is VGA card try to replace with other VGA card, or plug VGA card to other computer can be AGP slot found on motherboard problem.


The processor or computer brain is a very important part of the computer. If the processor is problematic then the computer will not work, just live alone. This could be one of the causes of our computer not appearing. Usually the processor is too hot cause disruption to its performance, we can overcome by providing thermal paste or cooler on the processor to keep the temperature of the processor to remain stable.

Restore Bios Settings to Default

It could be that the wrong bios setting causes the monito to not show anything. To solve this we can restore the bios settings to default by removing the CMOS bateray and reinstalling it. That way the bios will automatically return to the default settings.

The above is a step that can be taken what if you experience PC live problems but not appearing on the monitor.