How to spy on iPhone without Apple ID

There are many apps that will allow you to track users on iphone without apple ID. We have shared few of them below. 

Highster Mobile 

People looking for high-quality iPhone spy app without the target phone, must opt for Highster Mobile monitoring app. For them it is a good choice. With this app, you can have undetectable access to target Apple devices. Moreover, you can open the target users’ apps and review their phone activities easily.

Highster Mobile includes a social media monitoring option, too. So, you can see what the target device users are watching and liking. Further, you can check their comments and even spy on their texts. 

Through the GPS location tracking feature, viewing their device location is easy. Moreover, the download and setup process are simple. Another good news is, downloading the app takes less than 45 seconds. 

The top features of Highster Mobile include the following:

  • This app allows users to access apps on target phones, like messages, calls, and emails secretly. 
  • One can easily set the GPS location tracking system to monitor their movements. 
  • Record videos, messages, and even use the slide screen feature.
  • You would get notifications on the device user’s online account usage for social media policing. 
  • The user interface of Highster Mobile is simple to navigate. 


To track an iPhone without Apple ID, mSpy monitoring software is efficient. It would work silently on the target device. Plus, there is no visible icon while it operates. So, the target user would never know. 

After downloading, you would get free access to their text messages and WhatsApp texts. Read through them to see who the device owner is talking to. Another positive point is even if the app is working the whole day, it does not use up too much battery. The remote tracking application is known for its convenient usage and security.

Common features of mSpy you can utilize include the following:

  • You can easily adapt to this app even as a newcomer. 
  • Users can target and secretly access information like call logs and SMS.
  • It gives free access to WhatsApp and email monitoring. 
  • It has a strong theft protection feature for phones.
  • The target device holder would get no notifications. You can snoop easily and remain undetected.


Another best spying app for iPhones is Spyera. You can use this iPhone spyware without an Apple ID. Plus, it works well with different devices. So, you can spy on any user you want. After installation, you would get access to all usage details of the target phone. 

Users can download Spyera directly via the Apple Store. Or, can get it from its official platform website. 

Beneficial features of Spyera include the following:

  • You can monitor how far and where the device user is travelling. 
  • It is easy to access and see the calls, emails, and SMS of the target user. 
  • App allows the transfer of notifications via the easy-to-use Control Panel.
  • Track the device user’s behaviour and usage of WhatsApp and Skype apps. 
  • You can hack passwords via the Password Grabber function. 


There are multiple valuable apps available for device usage interference and detection. Even without having iCloud credentials, you can download and utilize them to check your kids’ and family members’ phone usage. This is important to ensure the best safety for their online experience. 

Before choosing one, research all options available. Then, use the best alternative available in your region with an easy-to-use structure and multiple benefits.