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Locked Out? 3 Ways To Avoid Leaving Your Keys in the Car

When life gets busy or you lack sleep, the mind can have a hard time concentrating. This period of brain fog is hard, leaving many people to make careless mistakes. During these crazy, chaotic moments, it’s easy to make errors such as locking a set of keys in the car. A frustrating situation, there are ways to make it better. Try doing these three things to smooth out the situation.

1. Have a Spare

While newer models are keyless, many drivers of older cars still use keys to start the ignition. Have at least one extra key handy at all times. Look for places that specialize in copying auto keys Orlando, and pick up one or two. You can keep one in a drawer at home. The other can be placed in a purse or hidden discreetly on the exterior of the car.

2. Establish a Routine

Repetition is helpful. Habits develop over time, and the brain gets used to certain behaviors. When those actions seem simple, convenient or pleasant, you’re likely to continue them. Be consistent in where you put your keys. Don’t place them down on seat cushions. You could shut the door, finding yourself staring at them longingly; rather, it’s best to hold them in your hand until you leave. Place them at that point in a purse or on top of the car.

3. Attach Keys To Something

Purchase a keychain bracelet or lanyard. The bracelet slides off when you start to drive and can be popped back on when you’re done. For the lanyard, simply detach the car key, and place it back on as you head out. This tactic ensures that it’s with you (around your neck or wrist) at all times.

Hopefully, you aren’t shut out often. If you are, think about your choices and how you might adapt them to avoid the circumstance in the future. Be prepared and organized.

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Turning Quarantine Boredom to Freedom on the Water

The COVID-19 pandemic may have you scrambling for pastime ideas. Indoor entertainment venues are basically off-limits. Many amusement parks and zoos are closed or have restricted capacity. You can only go on so many hikes in a nature preserve before this previously relaxing activity starts generating anxiety. Even the backyard pool and trampoline that used to drive relaxation and excitement elicit a doldrum feeling.

New Pastime

Maybe you have an old boat sitting undercover in your driveway or garage. Perhaps you’ve driven past an older boat for sale on your trip to the grocery store, triggering a yearning for a break from the monotony of your current situation of restricted entertainment. Buying a brand-new boat may not be a possibility, but fixing up an older boat may be both a welcome distraction and a path to freedom on the water. You have the extra time, the woodworking and engine restoration know-how and access to marine engine room parts.

DIY Satisfaction

Get started. Take a look around and see what tools you have. If you are lacking, see if your friends or family can help. In these days of social distancing, your loved ones may even want to bring their tools and join you, properly distanced of course. Begin with a good solid cleaning of your old boat, and then take inventory of anything that is broken. Figure out if it can be fixed or will need to be replaced. Make sure to pay close attention to old belts and hoses and other critical engine parts. Ensure any old wood is properly stripped and replaced and the hull is properly sealed. YouTube is a great resource for DIY videos for any questions you may have.

You’ve always worked to turn challenges into opportunities, and this current challenge is no different. In fact, adopting this new pastime could result in many delightful water adventures long after your favorite amusement park opens back up.

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Tips for an Easier Move

Moving to a new place is an exciting adventure. The process of moving, however, can be a bit stressful (to say the least!). Here are a few things that you can do to make the process easier.

Start Early

As tempting as it is to put off planning and packing, the earlier you start, the easier things will be. If you don’t have to be out quickly, give yourself at least four to eight weeks to prepare. Creating a checklist can be helpful.

Go One Room at a Time

When it comes time to pack, don’t try to tackle your whole house at once. Instead, go room by room. Take a break between rooms to avoid getting overwhelmed.

Color Code Your Boxes

Use different colored markers or tape to color-code your boxes. Keep track of which colors go to which room. You can also take it one step further and number your boxes, keeping a list of everything that’s in each box.

Get Rid of What You Don’t Need

As you go through each room, separate out the things you don’t want or need anymore. Donate what you can, and throw out the things you can’t. If you have a lot of items to throw away, you can get dumpster rentals Alpharetta GA to make the process easier.

Pack an Overnight Bag

You may not want to unpack when you first get to your new home. Having an overnight bag ready to go will allow you to be ready to go the next day.

Notify Your Utility Companies in Advance

Make a list of your current utility companies as well as the ones you’ll use at your new home. Inform the companies of your moving dates. Schedule your internet and cable installation ahead of time. Don’t forget to inform the postal service of your address change, too.

Moving doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. With these tips, you can make the process easier, allowing you to enjoy the experience rather than dread it.…

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How To Avoid Foundation Drainage Problems

If homeowners ignore a drainage problem, it won’t go away eventually. On the contrary, these problems could result in huge losses in repair costs. Foundation drainage problems are not only expensive to repair but could also cause the condition of a home to deteriorate.

Why should homeowners install drainage systems?

Installing drainage systems around their foundations helps homeowners prevent foundation drainage related problems. Poorly implemented or non-existent drainage systems, on the other hand, allow water to accumulate around the foundation. This ultimately requires that the homeowner spends lots of cash to pay contractors to correct the drainage problems.

Avoiding foundation issues

When it rains or when pipes burst, the moisture seeps underground and causes the foundation to move. The foundation eventually cracks and destroys the beam structures. People should take preventive measures to prevent the need for doing regular maintenance or repairs.

The most common reason for foundation problems is poor drainage conditions. Our team of experts has put together tips to help homeowners avoid foundation drainage problems. These tips are help eliminate all kinds of drainage trouble:

  1. Make sure that the yard slopes away from the house

The slope will go a long way in diverting water from the house and ultimately averting any kind of foundation drainage problem. This means that eventually, homeowners won’t need to worry about these problems affecting their home’s foundation.

  1. Install gutters and downspouts around the house

People who are living in areas where it rains so much during the rainy season need to install gutters. These drain water away from the foundation and prevent problems that would otherwise be very expensive to repair.

  1. Get French drains done around the foundation

French drains, surface drains, and sump pumps are all very effective in water from the premises. These are ideal for use in crawl spaces because they drain the water very fast.

How else can homeowners prevent foundation drainage problems?

The easiest way to ensure that the foundation doesn’t deteriorate due to drainage problems is to make sure that the moisture levels are maintained. If they go higher or lower than the recommended level the foundation is bound to crack.  If water drainage has the potential of causing foundation problems install a drainage system around the foundation.

To avoid any damage from affecting the foundation, keep it moist especially during the dry seasons. This will prevent it from shrinking and cracking. To ensure that water from sprinklers get to the deeper parts of the soil, install rock beds. Doing this is almost guaranteed to alleviate future foundation drainage problems.


People should drain the water away from their foundation to make sure that it lasts long. The above-listed tips are very useful in helping homeowners to avoid foundation drainage problems. Take preventive measures if the foundation has a slab pier or beam structure. Ensure that moisture doesn’t get anywhere near the foundation. Water is a huge enemy of foundations as it causes wood to rot and brings mold.…

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3 Overlooked Recyclable Items

Recycling is a great way to help the environment. Existing landfills will be less cluttered and not as many of them will need to be created in the future. There are many different products in and around the house that can be recycled or repurposed instead of thrown away.

1. Refrigerators

There are places all over the place, like scrap metal recycling Passaic County NJ, that will take old appliances to recycle. Instead of putting refrigerators out at the street, contact a company to schedule a pick-up or drop-off date. They can take it apart and make sure that all the different materials are recycled in-house or sent to the proper companies for further processing. Recycling refrigerators also makes sure that any coolants in the system are safely taken care of.

2. Eyeglasses

Many eye doctor’s offices accept old glasses and will send them off to be recycled or reused. If not, there are other programs in place run by non-profits that gladly accept eyeglasses. There are many people around the world who need eyeglasses but for some reason are not able to obtain a new pair. Recycling programs can help provide glasses to thousands of people and enrich their lives by improving their vision.

3. Crayons

Any household that has children in it likely has a few crayons rolling around underfoot or tucked away in a drawer. Over time, they may break or wear down to unusable nubs. They do not break down in landfills, but they can be melted down and remade into new crayons. Contact the company the crayons were purchased from to inquire about recycling programs.

Many objects that people use in their daily lives are recyclable. If unsure about whether or not to throw something away, do some research into the company and the materials it is made of to find out. The effort may not seem like much, but small positive actions build up over time.…

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Why You Might Want a Natural Gas Car

Natural-gas-powered cars have been around for a few years now, but you don’t see very many of them on the road. However, they are still an excellent alternative to gasoline-powered vehicles. Here are some reasons you may want to think about using a CNG vehicle for yourself or for your business fleet.


One of the biggest pros for using natural gas is that these vehicles have very low emissions. Nitrogen-oxide is reduced by 35% or more and carbon monoxide is reduced by at least 90%. For people who are energy conscious, this is a good reason to switch

Low Cost Gas

Natural Gas is often lower-priced than gasoline. In addition, it is produced in the U.S., so drivers of CNG vehicles are less dependent on oil from foreign countries. Because of the increase in CNG fueling station construction, there are more stations becoming available all the time. You can find maps of where you can refuel to determine whether there are enough near where you live and work or to make plans when you take a road trip.

Lower Insurance Rates

There are some insurance companies that offer lower rates based on the type of fuel your vehicles use. It would be worth checking that out to see what the difference might be. Because it is so easy to use the internet to search and compare rates, this can make a lot of sense to your budget.


Some states offer great incentives for owners of CNG vehicles. These may include a tax incentive or the option to drive in the carpool lanes even if you don’t have two or more people in the car.

There are several good reasons to opt for a vehicle that runs on natural gas. If taking care of the environment is important to you, CNG vehicles are definitely worth looking into.…

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Be Ready to Hit the Road and Avoid Emergencies

A problem starting your car can cause you serious delay or inconvenience. Here are three advance preparations that can save you from an emergency or spare you from getting stuck somewhere.

1. Make a Spare Key

Everyone could use an extra set of keys. If you can’t find your car keys in the morning, you’ll be late getting where you need to be. Also, if you have an older model car or it’s possible for you to lock your keys inside, you should have an extra key. Having a backup will prevent you from getting stranded somewhere, and it will spare you from having to break a window if you have a young child or pet stuck inside. Moreover, it could save you in the event you lose your key altogether if they happen to fall out somewhere or somebody else picks them up by accident. It’s best to have an extra key at the ready rather than wait until you’re in a jam. If you need auto keys Orlando, get help from a locksmith who can make a copy for you quickly and affordably.

2. Get a Portable Starter

A dead battery can stop you from getting on your way at a really inconvenient time. Also, it might stop you at a really inconvenient place. Don’t get stuck waiting for somebody to give you a jump. A portable jump starter will ensure that you’re ready to revive your car at a moment’s notice.

3. Be Sure You Can Replace Your Tire

Simply seeing that you have a spare tire in your trunk doesn’t necessarily mean you’re good to go if you get a flat. You need to periodically check to see that it still has air. Moreover, you need to be sure you have a working jack so that you’re able to replace a flat.…