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4 Tips for Staying Safe When Using a Pressure Washer

A pressure washer produces a stream of concentrated water that delivers a powerful clean Saskatoon SK generally not possible with a plain hose. The tool is perfect for removing stuck-on gunk, dirt and other filth clinging to a variety of surfaces, including decks, patios, machinery, equipment, furniture, buildings, driveways and more. However, as with any power implement, there are perils associated with its use. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention state that there are many possible risks. There are certain precautions that can easily help prevent such occurrences.

1. Don’t Point the Pressure Washer at a Living Creature

A pressure washer is not a water gun. It should never be pointed at another human being or an animal. Ones with high pressure ratings can strip paint off the sides of structures and punch holes in concrete. Besides cutting skin, they can also damage internal organs. Because they often fail to leave behind visibly perceptible signs, life-saving treatment may be delayed, making such situations more serious.

2. Don’t Use the Pressure Washer While Standing at High Heights

There is a great deal of force behind a stream of pressurized water. The kickback can easily cause an individual to stumble and fall. Using pressure washers while on ladders is especially hazardous since they are often not stable even when on level ground.

3. Don’t Forget To Wear Protective Equipment

Skin and eyes are very vulnerable. It is imperative to keep them covered with safety glasses, gloves, ear protection and clothing that covers the legs and arms. Doing so can prevent harm from both the liquid and any debris loosened by it.

4. Don’t Use a Gasoline Powered Pressure Washer in an Enclosed Area

As previously mentioned, gas pressure washers come with the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Only using them in open or ventilated spaces can keep fume intake from rising to dangerous levels.

Pressure washers are very useful, but they come with potential dangers. Taking precautionary measures can help people stay safe. There are also trained professionals that specialize in pressure washing.…

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3 Things To Check On a Used Pickup Truck Body

If you’re ever rebuilding a truck and need a new body, you should definitely consider buying one used. A used truck body will always be more affordable than a new one, and oftentimes will be indistinguishable from a brand new version. However, there are a few things you need to check to make sure you pick the right part.

1. Fit

Sorting through used pickup truck bodies for sale can be a challenge if you don’t know exactly the fit you’re looking for. A lot of the time it’s as easy as looking up your truck’s year model, but sometimes you won’t find the exact match in good condition. It needs to match the truck bed, axles and wheelbase of your chassis at minimum.

2. Conformity

You’ll find plenty of substandard bodies for sale, and the easiest way to identify them is by doing a visual inspection. Walk around the body from all angles and check to see that it’s straight throughout. Also be on the lookout for excessive dents or dings. While these are usually minor, some can affect the integrity of the frame if they’re large enough.

3. Rust

Your visual inspection should be very heavy on looking for rust. It’s a very common issue in truck bodies, and is often one of the main reasons someone looks for a used truck body in the first place. Obvious patches of rust are an immediate deal breaker, as it will corrode the metal and damage the body’s structure if allowed to spread. Small patches of rust may be removed, but unless you’re getting a killer deal on the body it’s best to avoid these as well. Be sure to get up close and personal with the truck body to make sure there aren’t any surprises in the rust department.

Working with a reputable seller who only offers sound bodies will save you a lot of time and possibly some money, so be sure to look up a good dealer in your area before you buy.…

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How To Make Your Waterfront Home Perfect

If you are lucky enough to own a waterfront home, you will want to take advantage of your access to the water and the beautiful scenery that surrounds you. There are quite a few things that you can do to improve your outdoor space and really enjoy your waterfront property. Here are a few must-dos.

Install a Dock

Having a waterfront property means that you are finally able to get a boat and other water toys and enjoy spending time out in the sun. Installing decks and docks West Palm Beach should be your first step in getting out on the water. Even if you don’t intend to own a boat, a dock allows you to sit out on the water and it makes it easier to go for a swim if you want. Plus, all your neighbors can dock their boats and come for a party.

Put in a Pool

It might seem a little redundant to install a swimming pool when you have a waterfront property, but not all natural water sources are appropriate for swimming in. There can be strong currents or a lot of water traffic. Plus, not all swimmers feel comfortable in a lake or river. A swimming pool gives everyone an opportunity to get in the water safely.

An Outdoor Shower is a Must

No matter what water you are swimming in, you’ll want to wash up before heading indoors. An outdoor shower is a great investment for a waterfront home. It gives you a place to wash off all the water toys. If you have a pet, it’s a great place to bathe them.

Having daily access to the water is a treat and you should do everything you can to get the most from it. These things will make your waterfront home so much fun, you’ll never want to leave!…

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How To Hangout With Friends Virtually

Between quarantining and working from home, a lot of people are struggling to get the interaction they need. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to see loved ones without leaving the house! Here are some tips for hanging out with friends virtually.


Texting is a wonderful way to communicate with loved ones. The beauty of it is that you don’t have to schedule it in advance, and you can multitask while chatting. Any instant messaging platform is perfect for remote socializing.

Happy Hour

Who says happy hours have to be at bars or restaurants? Video calling some friends with a drink in hand is a great way to stay connected. You can even pick fun recipes with your friends so everyone can try making their own new cocktail at home!

Weekly TV Night

If you and your friends have a show you all love, try watching it together once a week by video calling each other or calling them on speaker phone. It’ll feel just like they’re there watching your favorite shows with you. This works well with movies too.

Virtual Book Club

One benefit of being at home more is having more time to read. Create a list of all the books you and your friends have been dying to read and call each other to share your thoughts.

Take a Class

There are all kinds of virtual classes available now. You can learn to cook, dance, do yoga and more. This is a great way to meet new people, or you can invite your friends to do it with you. Plus, you may pick up a cool new skill.

Being physically separated from friends and family doesn’t mean you can’t see each other. There are plenty of creative ways to use video calling and messaging platforms to maintain your relationships from a distance.

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Getting Your Products to Your Customers

When you start a business, you focus on the products you want to make. You think of a clever name for each item, and you work with local vendors to find the best supplies. However, it’s just as important for you to figure out how you’ll get your products to your customers.


Unless you have a very small manufacturing process, you have to transport your goods from their factory to your store. Work with your suppliers to find the best transportation system, whether it’s through a third-party company or with your own workers. For example, if you operate a grocery store, you need hopper bottom carriers to transport your wheat and corn products from their original farms.


Some products do not require extra packaging. For instance, if you sell T-shirts, you don’t need to wrap them in plastic before you put them on display. Most food items and other products that have many little pieces must be stored in bags or boxes. Additionally, every item needs a barcode or price tag so that you can keep track of what has already been purchased and how much everything costs. Design packaging or price tags that include your logo to unify your brand across your entire inventory.


Now that you have everything organized in your store, it’s time to make sure that customers know about it. Post about your new products on social media, and put up flyers and posters near your premises. Remember, marketing doesn’t stop when you open your doors, so make sure your advertising campaigns are sustainable.

Once you’ve created a working business plan and determined your products, you need to focus on transportation, packaging, and marketing. By giving these issues your attention, you ensure that your hard work throughout the rest of your business isn’t wasted.…

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Avoid These Common Causes of Roadside Breakdowns

Roadside assistance helps busy travelers get back on the road. Here are a few of the most common reasons motorists reach out for a roadside rescue.


Although getting locked out of a car is frustrating, lock outs are a common call for roadside assistance. The first thing to do is to stay calm go over a few things before reaching for the phone. Double-check all the doors and the trunk or tailgate to see if one might be open. Is there a spare key and can someone bring it over?

If a call for roadside assistance is needed, is it to a motor club or a service that comes with an auto insurance policy? A local towing service, including the professionals at vehicle lock outs Tucker GA may provide the fastest service.


More than half the roadside breakdowns nationwide are due to tire issues. However, less than one in five calls for roadside tire breakdowns are due to sudden flats while the remainder are from slow leaks.

Tires underinflated by just 10% will decrease tread life by 9 – 16%, Goodyear says. Properly inflated tires also contribute to better vehicle fuel economy, quicker stopping and improved steering control.


Battery failure is another common reason calls are made for roadside assistance. Batteries should be inspected whenever the vehicle is in for service and tested at least once a year after three years of service.


Today’s vehicles are more reliable and experience fewer mechanical breakdowns than those made just twenty years ago. However, serious mechanical breakdowns usually require a call for towing and the prospect of an expensive repair.

Most mechanical problems can be avoided with regular maintenance according to manufacturer recommendations. By following a maintenance schedule and staying alert for signs of trouble such an unusual noise, a vibration or hesitation, many mechanical failures can be avoided.

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4 Things To Do After a Truck Accident

After any truck crash, your mind is typically racing about what to do next. However, by keeping in mind a few important steps, you can help yourself recover quickly and get back on the road.

Note Any Additional Injuries

Not all injuries are obvious minutes or even hours after a crash. In some cases, the adrenaline you feel from the event may be masking important health symptoms. After you return home, make sure to note any strange bruises, aches or pains. If anything seems amiss, or you find yourself feeling faint or unable to stand or talk, do not hesitate to seek further medical help.

Collect Evidence

Searching for truck repair Lynnwood may appear tough at first, but it is not as intimidating as it seems. If you wish to file an insurance claim, it may benefit you to produce evidence from specialists in order to prove how your injuries occurred.

In some cases, it may even be important to show pictures of the vehicle or the crash scene to prove you are not lying. Making sure you know the order of events that transpired during the crash is important.

Follow Professional Advice

In order to prevent further complications, you should always follow any medical professional’s advice on how to recover. These steps may involve physical therapy or rest instead of driving. Specific injuries may need more time to heal while others may only require a short amount of time. The better you follow the guidelines laid out for you, the more likely you are to recover quickly.

Communicate With Your Workplace

Asking about the amount of sick leave you have or talking about duties you may need to modify at your workplace can help ease your mind about missing hours. Being clear and direct about what happened can prevent miscommunication between you and your employer. Each workplace is different, so discussing the matter can help you figure out how to file insurance or disability claims.…