The Steps to Ensure Ransomware Protection and Prevention

Hackers who steal data are extremely common and there are many methods cyber security experts have devised to keep hackers out of a particular computer network. However, a bigger risk that computer networks face today is the likelihood of the computer being infected with ransomware. This particular application has been growing in popularity and it is used on a global scale to help hackers make money by ransoming computer files or computer data.

This type of attack typically starts by the introduction of a ransomware application through a seemingly harmless email. Once the application has been introduced into the computer system, it moves into the registry of the computer or a computer server and begins to quickly encrypt data and files. This essentially locks out the user or the business from accessing any of their computer files or data. The key to unlocking this data is typically held with the hacker. Once a ransom has been paid, the hacker will then release the files.

With this particular threat being more common as the days go by, ransomware protection has become extremely important. Many times, the protection from this type of malicious virus is twofold. The first is prevention. Often times, employees are trained to be extremely cautious about opening up unknown emails. In some cases, employees are directed to delete questionable emails so that there is no chance of them accidentally opening an email that may contain ransomware.

Another helpful preventative measure is for a business to maintain up-to-date backups of their system. In some situations, all system data can be dumped, the ransomware virus included, and an up-to-date backup can be installed to allow the business to continue normal operations. In other situations, this is approach is impossible. However, backups are important so that when applications are run to remove ransomware, if any data is sacrificed because of this, the system can be easily backed up once the malicious application is removed.

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Whether it’s preventative measures or its applications to deal with a current ransomware issue, protecting your business computers and your business network from malicious attacks is essential. With the risk of ransomware so prevalent for businesses today, it’s important to take every step possible to ensure the safety of your businesses computers and computer networks.