Tips on Caring for Computer Monitor Screen

The monitor is a hardware used to output data graphically on the CPU. In general, many call the monitor a computer screen. What if the computer does not have a monitor? Surely we have trouble using it, not just the computer alone but other devices such as gadgets, laptops, notebooks, netbooks and others certainly have a way of taking care of the computer monitor screen.


Unplug Monitor When Not Used

If the monitor has not been used for a long time, it is better to unplug the plug. In addition to saving electricity usage, it also aims to power the supply contained on the monitor can rest.

Install Screen Protector

The screen protector is a protective coating made of a relatively strong special plastic material. Screen protector protects the LCD / LED screen from dust and scratches that may arise during use. Screen protector sold in many computer accessories store with a relatively cheap price.

Room temperature settings

Temperature can affect computer components and one of them is affecting the monitor. LCD and LED types to require humidity and also the right temperature. To prevent the computer quickly damaged. the computer will not last long at too high a temperature and also too short.

Keep From Magnetic Field

The magnetic field of both the electromagnetic field and the magnet can still affect the matrix of LCD and other components inside. Therefore keep the screen away from objects containing magnetic fields and strong electromagnetic fields.

Keep away from Heat Sources

The heat source could damage the LCD / LED monitor. keep it away from heat sources such as incandescent lamps, hair dryers or other heat sources.

Avoid Humidity and Water

High humidity can affect electronic devices. Keep electronic devices away from moisture and water. Because even small amounts of water can damage electronic devices including monitors.