Tips to Keep Your Office Copier Running for DC Professionals

If you work an office job in heart of Washington DC, especially in workplaces where a lot of paper is used, e.g. a newsroom or magazine publisher, that means you’ll likely have a copy machine you’re using pretty often. Like most technology, there’s always a risk that even a high-quality machine might break down or run into technical issues. Here are some ways you can give your office copier the proper care it needs.

A Gentle Hand For Paper Jams

Paper getting stuck is one of the most common problems a copier will run into, and it’s understandably frustrating. However, projecting that frustration while trying to remove the jam risks damage to the machine. Start by checking the copier display to identify the problem’s exact nature. Then, with the copier off, delicately remove any necessary parts to get to the jam and slowly remove the trapped paper; being too abrupt could rip the paper into pieces that are too difficult to pull out by hand.

Proper Usage Goes a Long Way

While technical issues can always arise independently of how the copier is used, treating the machine appropriately can keep a good number of potential problems from happening in the first place. This means loading paper with care, instead of stuffing it in, and not placing more paper in the tray than is appropriate. Use the right paper size and only use ink or toner meant for the machine. Even giving the copier a quick cursory look for problems before using it can make a difference.

Regular Maintenance is a Must

Wiping the copier and display glass with a cleaner for printer glass (avoid Windex), cleaning the rollers, and hiring a professional to regularly inspect the copier are crucial. When a major problem arises, resolve it quickly: if you’re unsure who to contact, search copy repair washington dc on the Better Business Bureau or other accreditation sites.

Frequent copier issues can become a thing of the past with the right steps. Try this advice, and happy copying.