Ventilating Manholes Promotes Public Safety

Municipalities like other businesses often look for ways to mitigate their risks of a lawsuit. A public utility company has a variety of events that can decrease public safety. Understanding how manhole covers work can help you stay safe walking along the street.


Over time, manhole covers feel the effects of age. Sitting above the ground, the covers cover access to a variety of public utilities from underground wiring to sewer systems. Gas builds up when the manhole isn’t ventilated. Eventually, the gas builds up can explode harming those near the manhole cover. A city that invests in manhole ventiliation helps promote the safety of the public. Ventilation allows the gas to escape instead of building up.


Proper ventilation shouldn’t allow stormwater to enter the manhole cover. The gas needs a safe avenue of escape, but the equipment beneath the cover doesn’t need the water from a storm entering the space and damaging it. Water and other debris entering the space beneath the manhole cover can cause explosions or fires. Over time, water and other debris damage the equipment making it age and corrode faster than necessary. Diverting those elements preserves the equipment and environment while protecting the populace surrounding the cover.


In addition to diverting water and allowing for ventilation, public utility entities should invest in monitoring services. These systems allow them to keep track of the toxins and gases beneath the manhole cover. When there is a hazard, the system alerts the utility company. The alert happens before the situation becomes dire for the surrounding population allowing the company to go in and start repairs faster. Management of gas levels, air flow, water level, relative humidity and temperature provide the team with the information to keep the utility safe.

Manhole covers using the right technology provide a safe environment for the public. They cover the necessary equipment and sewer lines. The public utility company can access what they need to in a safe, effective way.