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The Pros of Aerolite Roof or Ceiling Insulation

You’ve not identified the right expert to insulate your roof until you’ve found someone who uses your preferred insulation material to do a great job. Typically, you’re emphasizing insulation material because you want to save energy and still attain the best interior comfort levels. Thankfully, aerolite insulation installers will do the job well every time since they’re using a material that’s associated with the qualities you’re after. Here, we examine what makes aerolite the ideal roofing insulation or ceiling insulation material.

Cooling Your Home During Summer

Aerolite cushioning manages to maintain lower indoor temperatures over summer by hindering the normal heat transmission that occurs in all buildings. So, during summer, a warmer outside temperature is unable to penetrate through a roof that’s insulated using aerolite, keeping the cooler indoor air unaffected. In other worlds, this sort of roofing insulation makes it comfortable to live in your home when the temperature outside is unbearably high.

Keeping Your House Warm Over Winter

When a roof is not appropriately insulated, very low winter temperature outside a home instantly affects the interior temperature. Keep in mind that a significant amount of cold air is generated within the ceiling space of your house. In winter, the roof is extremely cold, and it passes on cooler air into your indoor living environment. Your roof needs just aerolite thermal insulation to fix the problem properly.

Efficient Energy Use

So many houses and workplace environments have HVAC equipment for purposes of air quality regulation. Of course, the comfort of heating and cooling does not come cheap when you consider high costs of electricity.

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Through proper ceiling insulation, you can avoid the requirement for HVAC systems. Aerolite is an insulation material that’s not affected by extremely cold exterior temperature, so when you have it on your ceiling, it can reduce heat exchange in and out of your house by up to 90%. Since the insulation can boost indoor comfort in very hot days by up to 8 degrees Celsius, it does reduce the requirements for HVAC cooling systems. The material has a similar role to play during winter, insulating the roof space, and minimizing the need to heat your home using electric systems.

Eco Insulation and Hard-wearing

An eco insulation product, 80% of aerolite is recycled glass bottles, while the rest 20% is constituted by organic silica sand. It can last from 20 to 25 years, making it a worthy investment. The material does not catch fire easily, with a fire prevention rating of A/1.

Work with aerolite insulation installers if you wish to maintain superior indoor air quality regardless of extreme winter or summer conditions outside your house or business premises.

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