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The Best Log Splitter for Your Needs

Log splitters are classified into three major types and these are the electric, manual and gas-powered log splitters. There are many positive features offered by these log splitters. To explain further the role of these log splitters, this article will give you the information you need.

There is a hydraulic jack placed on the side of a manual log splitter. In order to use the manual log splitter, the jack needs to be hand pump so that it will cause the rod to ram the log because of the splitting wedge. This might be a slow process but the effectivity is guaranteed. Manual log splitter is quiet, safe and easy to use. By using this type of wood splitter, you don’t have to require a gasoline or electricity to operate it. This is a certified environmental friendly log splitter. You can use it anywhere you want and it is even easy to store and also compact.

For those homeowners that annually consumes two to 10 cords of wood, the best type of log splitter for you to use id definitely the electric-powered one. This is a type of tool that is light weight and very easy to use and store and is even compact. If you want to know the average current usage of this machine, it is similar to a standard household current. But if you are going to use it in remote areas, you will need to have a power generator with you. An electric wood splitter has the same advantages to a manual splitter in terms of easy usage and quiet. Another benefit of using this splitter is that it is environmental friendly that you can even use it indoors since it doesn’t require the burning of gasoline or production of toxic fumes.

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When it comes to remote or commercial applications, the best type of log splitter is the gas-powered splitter. Since you are dealing with a large and heavy machine, it is recommended that you have a storage area for it. If you are planning to split a larger diameter of logs, this is the best splitter to use. Gasoline engine is actually noisy as compared to using an electric or manual splitter. You cannot use this type of splitter indoors and it is also known to produce toxic fumes.

Wood splitter manufacturers always prioritize the splitting force in tons for their products. If you are looking for a wood splitter, this factor should be one of your considerations. Aside from that, you should also consider the cycle time of the machine.

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